Once you’ve registered

Help members of the public find your business by proudly displaying your ‘OPEN FOR ALL’ status.

Website badges

Check your “Registration Approved” email for a unique link. This has instructions to help you (or your website designer) add the website badge to your website.

Stickers & Decals

The window sticker lets passersby know that all are welcome at your business or organisation.


  1. Download the high-resolution design (PDF) file using the button below.
  2. Send the file to a signage supplier to print for you.
  3. We recommend printing at 20cm x 20cm size as a window decal or a wall sticker.
  4. Put the printed decal or sticker up in your storefront window or doorway, in full view of foot traffic!

Printing options

You can choose to support a smaller, locally-owned printing company, or you can order from an online service like Vistaprint for $7.99 + shipping.

If you find good printing options, please send us details via our contact form and we’ll add them here.

Usage guide

Feel free to add this logo to a poster or a graphic, but please don’t change the design or write text over the top. A good rule-of-thumb is to keep text away from the edge of the black circle at least the same width and height as the word “ALL”.

With guides showing “room” for the circle badge.
And the same image without the guides.

Spread the word

Help us reach as many other businesses & organisations as possible:

Together, we can send a powerful message and do our bit to restore the free & fair society Australians enjoyed before this pandemic.