Terms of use

We’re a social media campaign with a website, created by a small group of volunteers. The idea that we need terms seems crazy, but a close friend (lawyer) said it was essential, so here goes.

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Created and published 12-SEP-2021 3pm AEST.
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Open For All Australia is a social media campaign. At the time of writing (12 September 2021) we have no intentions to sell anything, collect any revenue or provide services beyond a free listing for legitimate businesses.

The campaign, its social media accounts and its website at www.openforall.com.au are all operated by volunteers.


These terms of use refer to your use of the Open For All Australia website located at www.openforall.com.au and the general behaviour of our volunteers regarding campaign help via email, or social media, inter alia.

Business Registration

If you or your business want to change details registered with Open For All Australia or withdraw your registration, please note that this process is not instant at this present time.

Help is provided by our volunteer team on a best endeavours basis.

Our volunteer team have full-time jobs and families to care for, therefore we estimate that it may take two to five working days to turn around requests like this. This timeframe is an estimate because at the time of writing, we are yet to launch. We assure you we will use our best endeavours to assist you. We want businesses who register with us to succeed; just please be patient if you change your mind, or want to withdraw.

Legal Services

We’re not lawyers and nothing we post here on this website or on our social media should be construed as legal advice.

If you have a legal question, get a qualified lawyer.


By agreeing to register with this website and list your business you are taking part in a campaign against vaccination passports with other business owners in Australia.

As a business owner you are responsible for your business, your decisions and your duty of care to your customers and staff regarding laws or mandates (if they’re implemented).

You (and your organisation) agree not to hold Open For All Australia responsible for any consequences or loss that you incur.

You also acknowledge that Open For All Australia’s relationship only extends to supporting all businesses together in a coordinated effort to challenge the roll-out of vaccination passports.