We’re not uptight about anything here; we’ve classified what’s on this website so you can see what you can re-use… or not, as the case may be.


There are very few. At the time of our launch (14 September 21), the images we have used are stock photography (paid for by a supporter via Adobe Stock Photography & Canva). It would be unwise to copy and use them as the copyright owner may pursue you.

Directory listings

These are written by businesses who want to signal that they’re OPEN FOR ALL. You MUST get their permission before using their details on other websites.

Our campaign copy

You are welcome to use our text on your website, social media posts and other similar forms of publication provided that you cite and ideally link to Open For All Australia as the source. Use the most appropriate of the following:-

Our campaign badge/logo

Organisations who submit a registration and subsequently receive an email approving their listing are permitted to use our badge (and the “website badge” version) to signal that they’re OPEN FOR ALL patrons.

Please follow our usage guide on the Signage Page and the Website Badge page (emailed to registered organisations when approved).