One Month…

This week marks one full month since the launch of Open For All to consumers.

Growing & growing

Almost 300 Aussie businesses have registered to be part of the online directory and that number continues to grow each day.

Wray Organic in Cleveland (QLD), proudly displaying their Open For All signage

Discrimination continues

In a world where discrimination and segregation are encouraged at every turn (as in the QLD premier’s appalling tweet below…), the stance our business owners are taking is a powerful reminder that the Aussie spirit is indeed alive and well.

We applaud Open For All business owners for refusing to buy into the fear propaganda and for respecting their customers’ right to medical freedom.

Survey results

A recent survey of Open For All businesses revealed:

  • 88 per cent decided to remain ‘open for all’ for moral/ethical reasons (ahead of financial or logistical concerns)
  • 100% of respondents in states with a vaccine passport system in place say they’ve remained open, but are not asking customers to prove their vaccination status
  • 67% say if the vaccine passport system were rolled out permanently, they would move their business online. However, many commented that they did not think that would be the case:

The lack of logic

The system is certainly proving difficult for authorities to justify, with a string of recent outbreaks in settings only open to vaccinated people… like the Melbourne Cup and this Sydney gym:

Just to be clear: at Open For All we are pro-choice, not ‘anti-vaccine’.

We fully respect the decision of any adult who decides to get COVID-jabbed after being fully informed of the potential risks, benefits and commitment to ongoing boosters.

But given these injections clearly don’t prevent COVID infection or transmission, why are we dividing our nation along these lines? And why are politicians eagerly fuelling this divide?

Open For All’s future

We look forward to a day when the Open For All directory becomes redundant; when this website no longer serves a purpose, because those in power acknowledge vaccine passports are pointless… and society reopens to EVERY member of the Australian public, regardless of medical history.

Until that day, we will continue to be here for business owners and consumers alike, who share the same values of equality & inclusivity.

Please continue to spread the word using our flyers and social media.

With thanks,

The #OpenForAllAU team


  1. This is great news
    Thank you .as I am a 82 yr old Vet with chemical sensitive from Agent Orange and still can not get exempt.
    What are the dictators trying to kill most of us off

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