Website Badges

Once you’ve registered

Help members of the public see that you’re ‘OPEN FOR ALL’ with a badge on your website.

Website badge

You can place this badge on your website anywhere you like. The best places for it are…

  • The home page
  • In the footer
  • In the sidebar
  • On a blog post or page saying something about why you chose to support Open For All Australia.

How to get it

Check your “Registration Approved” email for a link that will bring you to this page.

What it looks like

We are a business who wants to be Open For All

We are supporters of Open For All

We are OPEN FOR ALL and do not discriminate. Vaccinated or unvaccinated, everyone is welcome.

Add this to your website

Most people freak out at the sight of code. Don’t!

Just send it to a web designer.

  1. Click the “Copy” button below. This will save the code and some instruction text.
  2. Open an email.
  3. Paste everything into the email.
  4. Email the code to the person who looks after your website.
  5. There is a link for them (at the bottom) which brings them back to these instructions below.

Webmasters: How to use

The code is responsive so it’ll adapt to the space you give it, and to the size of the screen, e.g. desktop or mobile.

WordPress (Gutenberg, Divi, Page-Builders)

  • Add a code block
  • Paste in the HTML contents

Drupal, Joomla etc

  • Make a content block
  • Add the HTML contents
  • Place where you want it position