Carol Macrae | MIND-BODY-MAGIC

69-79 Macquarie Street, Suite 21 Macquarie Chambers,
New South Wales, 2830

I’m Carol Macrae from Carol Macrae, MIND-BODY-MAGIC: Hypnosis, Reiki & Essential Wellness. I currently work with clients from every walk if life to improve their lives. Some of the issues I help my clients with are: • stress, anxiety and depression • fears and phobias • PTSD • insomnia and sleep issues • self-esteem and confidence • quit smoking • weight management and nutrition • habits and disorders • OCD • pain management • addictions of all kinds • sports performance • study, exams and performance anxiety • memory, focus and concentration • relationships • children’s issues • spiritual counselling • and more I believe we are all in this together and each person has a right to choose what goes into their bodies. Let’s help everyone move forward together.